Need Valet For Hospitals and Medical Facilites?

Discover How We Can Help You!


Let us manage the outside so you can focus on what is important inside.

Hospitality and Health are two industries who MUST focus on service and guest experience to maintain their business. With increasing expectations of service at hotels and hospitals, and consumers looking for convenience in more ways than ever before there is no better value add in service than adding a front of house system that includes valet parking.

Service – We are an extension of the places and events we service. From our attire, to our equipment, to the way our staff conducts themselves – We want to help you succeed by giving your guests the first class experience they deserve. The weather in Michigan is unpredictable. That’s why we bring umbrellas, snow scrapers, and whatever is needed to battle the elements for your guests.

Efficiency – We have the training, expertise, and equipment to make the most of your parking situation. Create a presence and visibility for your guests, maximize the available parking at your venue, and more.

Luxury – First impressions are made in seconds upon arrival. Being greeted at the front door by a friendly, professional attendant gives your guests a welcoming feeling. Throughout the day we are available to help with a number of tasks, assisting guests with items left in cars, keeping the outside clean, and assisting people to and from their vehicles.